Then it’s time to transform from ‘slugging it out’

to Kicking A$$ everyday, all day

with The KICK A$$ HOURGLASS Program!

Sean Brown, Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach is partnering with Natalie Reimer Anderson, Self-Love Coach and Transformational Nutritionist to bring you KICK A$$ HOURGLASS; a 12 week program to maximize your fitness, balance your hormones, and motivate you to reach your fullest potential and expression of health.

Sean and Natalie believe that every woman has the right to feel powerful and strong in her body and that from that space she can live the life she is meant to live.  All women are unique and deserve to feel beautiful.  From that belief, Sean and Natalie have designed a program that addressesthe mind, body and spirit of each participant through fitness, nutrition, self-care practices, as well as individual and group support.  

All of your hard work and transformation will be captured in a photoshoot tailored to you where you can own your unique and powerful expression of beauty!

The Program consists of:

  • A kick off group meeting to learn the nutrition program and workout schedule and meet the other participants. 
  • A customized nutrition program tailored to your specific needs complete with menu planning, recipes, supplementation advice to maximize your health, on-going nutritional guidance via Facebook support group and behavioural goal-setting tools to create new patterns.
  • Simple self-care practices to reduce stress, create clarity of purpose and build a healthier lifestyle.
  • Group support including a Facebook page where you can check in for daily motivation and tips or to have your questions answered.
  • One group workout per week led by Sean to break through your workout barriers and take you to the next level.
  • A weekly workout schedule with exercise plan and recovery advice to maximize your lean muscle and incinerate body fat. 
  • A group and individual photoshoot to capture your accomplishments, and the empowered and radiantly beautiful YOU!!

Schedule A NO OBLIGATION consultation for our session beginning Jan. 8, 2017 to April 1, 2017

This program is open to everyone, not just existing gym members.  Sign up a non-member friend and you receive 20% off your program cost. Sign up 5 and you get your program free!! 

  • Are you stuck in a rut and longing for a breakthrough in motivation?
  • Are you ready to embrace your body’s power and maximize your potential?
  • Are you ready to transform your health and and get your hormones working for you?

Mind. Body. Soul.